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Blackberry Schnapps Drinks An blackberry flavored schnapps. Is a neutral grain spirit that is sometimes flavored with herbs or plants. It is clear, colorless and is produced in Germany. Best enjoyed straight up (from the freezer), in mixed drinks and cocktails. Blends well with fruit juices, carbonated drinks and some liqueurs.

Drinks made with Blackberry Schnapps Drinks

Black Bird Cider Recipe
Blackberry Schnapps
Hard Cider
Add the Cider to the liqueur. Serve Cold.

Black Bird Cider recipe
Itchy Ass Recipe
Black Haus
Pour the shot of Blackhouse blackberry schnapps into a collins glass half-filled with ice cubes. Add the Zima. Serve unstirred.

Itchy Ass recipe
A Very Berry Surprise Recipe
Black Haus
Black Cherry Ice Cream
Raspberry Schnapps
Blackberry Schnapps
Cream Liqueur
Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a blender to make a smoothie. Serve in a classic margarita glass. Garnish with either cherry, raspberries, strawberries, or all!

A Very Berry Surprise recipe
Bavarian Alps Recipe
Black Haus
Chocolate Liqueur
Shake together all ingredients and serve in a frosted glass.

Bavarian Alps recipe
Beach Haus Recipe
Black Haus
Spiced Rum
Pineapple Juice
Pour Black Haus blackberry schnapps and Captain Morgan rum into a wine globlet with ice. Top with pineapple juice, garnish with a pineapple spear and a maraschino cherry, and serve.

Beach Haus recipe
Belgian Berry Recipe
Irish Cream
Black Haus
Combine Black Haus and Bailey's irish cream over ice in a rocks or old-fashioned glass. Garnish with fresh berries, and serve.

Belgian Berry recipe
Berry Chocolate Martini Recipe
Black Haus
Smirnoff Raspberry Twist Vodka
White Creme de Cacao
Pour Black Haus into a cocktail shaker with ice. Add Smirnoff raspberry twist vodka and white creme de cacao. Shake, and strain into a cocktail/martini glass. Garnish with white chocolate shavings, and serve.

Berry Chocolate Martini recipe
Black Berry Chocolate Recipe
Irish Cream
Black Haus
Whipping Cream
Pour Black Haus blackberry schnapps and Bailey's irish cream into a mug. Add hot chocolate and whipped cream, garnish with shaved dark chocolate, and serve.

Black Berry Chocolate recipe
Black Haus Chimney Recipe
Black Haus
Spiced Rum
Whipping Cream
Pour the Black Haus blackberry schnapps and Captain Morgan spiced rum into a mug. Top with hot chocolate and fresh whipped cream.

Black Haus Chimney recipe
Black Haus Twist Recipe
Black Haus
Cranberry Juice
Citrus Vodka
Pour Black Haus blackberry schnapps and Smirnoff citrus twist vodka into an old-fashioned glass with ice. Add cranberry juice, stir, and serve.

Black Haus Twist recipe
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