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Panty Dropper Drink Recipe

 1/2 oz  Half and Half
 1 oz  Coffee Liqueur
 1 oz  Sloe Gin

Pour kahlua and sloe gin into a tall, ice-filled glass. Fill with half and half, and serve.
Brain Cocktail Drink Recipe

 1 1/2 oz  Irish Cream
 1 dash  Grenadine
 1 1/2 oz  Peach Schnapps

Pour peach schnapps into a highball glass. Add irish cream to the center. Top with grenadine, and serve.
Charles Cocktail Drink Recipe

 1 dash  Bitters
 1 1/2 oz  Brandy
 1 1/2 oz  Sweet Vermouth

Stir all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.
Cerebellum Drink Recipe

 1 oz  Vodka
 1/4 oz  Grenadine
 1/4 oz  Irish Cream

Fill shot glass 3/4 full with vodka. Add the grenadine for color. Finally pour in a little Bailey's. The bailey's will sit in the drink and look like a brain, stem and all.
Brandy Rickey Drink Recipe

  Soda Water
 3/4 oz  Lime Juice
 1 1/2 oz  Brandy

Pour brandy and lime juice into a highball glass. Fill with soda water, garnish with a slice of lime, and serve.

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