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Black Vodka Drinks The colour of the vodka is changed by adding catechu, a herb found in southern Asia and central and east Africa.. Rich in tannin, catechu has no effect on vodka's flavour. However, many say it makes the vodka a little smoother.

Drinks made with Black Vodka Drinks

Ario Bomb Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Coca Cola
Build over ice in glass. Garnish with 3 cherries.

Ario Bomb recipe
Black Bull Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Red Bull
Pour both ingredients into a highball glass filled with ice cubes. Add a straw, and serve.

Black Bull recipe
Blackula Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Bloody Mary Mix
Pour Blavod Vodka in hurricane glass with ice. Pour in Bloody Mary mix. Add jalepeno pickle for spicy taste.

Blackula recipe
Blavod Martini Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Maraschino Cherry
Sweet Vermouth
Shake well with ice and strain into martini glass. Add cherry.

Blavod Martini recipe
Dirty Mop Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Blue Curacao
Cranberry Juice
Orange Juice
Shake with ice.

Dirty Mop recipe
Shag by the Shore Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Cranberry Juice
Midori Melon Liqueur
Orange Juice
Peach Schnapps
Build the midori and orange into the collins glass, filled with ice, then pour peach schnapps and cranberry into mixing tin and shake with ice. Strain into glass so it floats above orange & midori. Float Blavod vodka on top.

Sloughdriver Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Orange Juice
Fill the glass with ice. Add 2 shots of Blavod black vodka. Fill the rest of the glass with orange juice. Sprinkle shredded orange peel on top.

Asphalt Road Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Irish Cream
Lime Juice
Mix and shoot straight away.

Asphalt Road recipe
Black and Blue Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Blue Curacao
Layer in order.

Black and Blue recipe
The Greasy Crotch Recipe
Blavod Vodka
Pine Orange Banana Juice
Add the the fruit juice first, then the lager and finally the vodka. It should be a dark colour and taste of fruit only. Serve in a punch bowl and drink liberally. More vodka may be needed depending on personal taste. When this is perfected, you should only be able to taste fruit. Drink in one night as the taste changes when stored overnight. Serve chilled.

The Greasy Crotch recipe
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