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Multiple Orgasm Drink Recipe
 3 cl  Milk
 2 cl  Irish Cream
 2 cl  Orange Liqueur
 2 shots  Strawberries

Build over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with strawberries or cherries....

Zoo Station Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Banana Liqueur
 1/2 oz  Amaretto
 1/2 oz  Coffee Liqueur
 1/2 oz  Irish Cream
 1 oz  Cream

Shake ingredients over ice. Strain into shot glass....

Mad Scientist Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Grenadine
 3/4 oz  Raspberry Schnapps
  Irish Cream
 3/4 oz  Blueberry Schnapps

Add both blueberry and raspberry schnapps to a shot glass, and slowly top off with grenadine. Dribbl...

Black Forest Cake Drink Recipe
 1 1/2 oz  Irish Cream
 1/2 oz  Coffee Liqueur
 1/2 oz  Cherry Brandy

Pour the Kahlua into a brandy snifter, followed by the cherry brandy. Float the Bailey's irish cream...

Belfast Carbomb Drink Recipe
 1/2 pint  Guinness Stout
 3/4 oz  Coffee Liqueur
 1 tsp  Irish Cream
 1 tsp  Irish Whiskey

Pour Kahlua coffee liqueur into a shot glass. Top with Bailey's irish cream and Jameson whiskey. Dro...

China White Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Vodka
 1/2 oz  White Creme de Cacao
 1/2 oz  Irish Cream

Pour ingredients into shaker filled with ice, shake, strain into shot glass....

Slippery Strawberry Bald Beaver Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Butterscotch Schnapps
 1/2 oz Pureed Strawberries
 1 oz  Irish Cream

Pour ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice. Shake until ice cold. Pour into an ice-fill...

Nutty Irish Coffee Drink Recipe
 1/4 oz  Coffee
 1 1/2 oz  Whipping Cream
 1 squirt  Chocolate Syrup
 1 shot  Irish Cream
 1 shot  Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

Fill a coffee mug two-thirds full with coffee. Add liquors, chocolate syrup, and stir. Top with a mo...

Blueberry Muffin Drink Recipe
 oz Irish Cream
 1 part Blueberry Vodka
 oz Grand Marnier

Shake and pour...

Apple Cobbler Drink Recipe
 1 jigger  Irish Cream
 1 jigger  Apple Schnapps
 1 jigger  Goldschlager

Combine ingredients in shot glass. Shoot!...

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