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Hard Lemonade Drinks Hard Lemonade is a mixture of beer and lemonade. A beer is any variety of alcoholic beverages produced by the fermentation of starchy material derived from grains or other plant sources. The production of beer and some other alcoholic beverages is often called brewing. Historically, beer was known to the Sumerians, Egyptians, and Mesopotamians, and dates back at least as far as 4,000 BC. Because the ingredients used to make beer differ from place to place, beer characteristics (type, taste, and colour) vary widely.

Drinks made with Hard Lemonade Drinks

Lime Time Recipe
Hard Lemonade
Lime Juice
Pour the beer into a pint glass. Add the lime juice and the hooch. Stir with a spoon.

Lime Time recipe
Benelyn Recipe
Cranberry Juice
Hard Lemonade
Peach Schnapps
Red Bull
Southern Comfort
Pour the tequila, Southern Comfort and peach schnapps into a tall glass. Add Hoopers Hooch and Red Bull. Top with cranberry juice, to taste, and serve.

Five Dollar Shake Recipe
Hard Lemonade
Midori Melon Liqueur
Peach Schnapps
Pour all ingredients into pint glass. Drink.

Five Dollar Shake recipe
Gin Dog Recipe
Hard Lemonade
Pour over ice in a pint glass and serve.

Gin Dog recipe
Cranberry Twister Recipe
Seagram's Vanilla Vodka
Hard Lemonade
Orange Juice
Stir all ingredients together in a punch bowl and serve chilled in a cup full of ice.

Cranberry Twister recipe
Fu Cha Recipe
Hard Lemonade
Put in large container (fu-cha bottle) with ice and shake vigorously. Drink rapidly. Buckets on hand would be advisable.

Fu Cha recipe
Mike's Ultra Hard Lemonade Recipe
Hard Lemonade
Canadian Whiskey
Drink some of the Mike's Hard Lemonade down to the neck of the bottle.

Pour in the shot of Crown.

Carefully mix both ingredients until well-blended.
(I place my palm over the bottle and gently tip it upside down and back a couple of times.)

Mike's Ultra Hard Lemonade recipe

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